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Whatever your engraving needs are we can make it happen from trophies, plaques, cups, to name a few.

Name tags present a professional appearance to your clients, customers and visitors. Name plates convey that a person is valued by the company, an asset, important and permanent. They are the classy touch of professionalism needed in every office, for the company and for the people. Having an individual's name on the desk or door signifies the recognition factor we mention so often. Everyone benefits. No minimum order, no freight charges, All work is done in house.


Trophies come in a wide range of sizes and prices. Choose a size and style to fit the occasion and the budget and we will discuss modifications for your sport or event. It’s important to fit the occasion with the trophy. Size, colour, price range, figurines, dress up, engraving (wording), custom designed or stock off the shelf.



Stock Medallions & Dog Tags are popular for sports teams and are sold complete with engraving and clip-on neck ribbon. Sculptured raised sport medals and wreath holder medals are the most popular. Almost any sport or activity can be depicted with medallions. It is a very classy way to recognize many people, at a relatively low individual cost. Medallions are popular among kids and adults.


In today's competitive environment, it is important to recognize people, groups or companies, for their achievement. Recognition is more than just a thank-you to the honouree. It is a sign to the peers, employees and audience that you are in fact recognizing an act or achievement. This is a fact overlooked by many. Recognition fills a great gap in communication. Everyone benefits: The Honouree, the Presenter, the Peers and the Audience. From 4"x 6" to 18"x 24", for individual presentation or for annual award; from laminated wood or solid walnut / oak / mahogany; we can find what works best for you. 


Plaque Mounting 
Plaque mounting is an attractive, yet economical alternative to framing, as it gives a frameless appearance while preserving the colour and protecting the work. The work is mounted and laminated onto a custom cut board with a bevelled edge. With plaque mounting, there is no frame, and no glass to break or produce a glare. The end result is a very durable and eye-catching presentation of the work, that's also easy to clean, with only a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Dry Mounting
Dry mounting is an excellent and professional way of displaying things like maps and posters at corporate events. It is light-weight and inexpensive. Dry mounting is a permanent mounting process where the art is glued to a mounting board, using heat and pressure. The mounting board is usually a foam core board, but other boards can be used depending on the circumstances of how the art will be used.


Ribbons can be an inexpensive way to mark an occasion or reward participants at school and picnic functions. They are also very attractive for awards at equestrian events. Custom printed ribbons of satin, rosettes, double ribbons and, queen sashes. Call for pricing and delivery of your design.


Personalization is the gift for a lifetime. By personalizing a gift, be it an expensive silver tray or an inexpensive cup or picture frame, the gift becomes priceless.

Acrylic / Glassware 

Stock acrylic & glass awards perfect when you want something a little different and you want to make a statement. Timeless personalized designs will be cherished by their recipient for all time.

Acrylic and Glassware

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