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Ever wonder why that once beautiful photo turns yellow and loses its sparkle The answer is because of the acid that is present in the paper mat and backing of your store bought frame. Just like an old newspaper that turns yellow and brittle over time, these acids leech into your beautiful photos and heirlooms and cause them to become yellow and brittle as well. While damage cannot be reversed, it can be halted by using conservation products. Our mats are made with cotton fibres just like money (have you ever seen money go yellow and brittle?) Our backing is a foam core that actually traps any harmful gases that may be present. Preserve your precious photos and heirlooms for posterity sake.




Plaque Mounting 
Plaque mounting is an attractive, yet economical alternative to framing, as it gives a frameless appearance while preserving the colour and protecting the work. The work is mounted and laminated onto a custom cut board with a bevelled edge. With plaque mounting, there is no frame, and no glass to break or produce a glare. The end result is a very durable and eye-catching presentation of the work, that's also easy to clean, with only a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Dry Mounting
Dry mounting is an excellent and professional way of displaying things like maps and posters at corporate events. It is light-weight and inexpensive. Dry mounting is a permanent mounting process where the art is glued to a mounting board, using heat and pressure. The mounting board is usually a foam core board, but other boards can be used depending on the circumstances of how the art will be used.

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